OSX Lion version available?

Hello, I’ve got a Mac running Lion 10.7.5 and cannot upgrade the OS on that computer. Is it possible to download GS for Lion? Thanks!

Hi hank1963,

yes, you can download older GarageSale versions from the GarageSale website in the Download section under “Older versions”:

Regards, Kristian

kristian, thanks so much for your prompt reply! i was able to download GS for OSX Lion at the link you posted. now it wants a user name and license code, which i don’t have, because i bought my original copy of GS via the app store, and that version is running on my computer that has OS X Yosemite installed. apologies if this is confusing. :slight_smile:

do you know if it’s possible to generate a user name/license code that would get me up and running on the system running 10.7.5? i really appreciate your help!

Please contact our support with a link to this discussion, they might be able to help you out. :wink: