Partial revise bug

selected revise is not working for shipping options !


can you be a bit more specific? What exactly does not work? What do you want to change exactly?

Maybe you can provide us an exported listing with and without the change so we can reproduce it here?


GTC, UK site, no variations.
set up shipping profile for listing
start listing
decide to change shipping cost after 2 days.
change profile to another
revise "selected only"
check - shipping cost is the same.
revise one more time - no luck.
revise “entire listing” - working properly.

sorry but i can’t give you my listing. already told this to Ilja.


its hard for us to reproduce bugs without the actual data. And you can be sure that we can keep secrets (as they are no secrets when the listings are actually listed, right?) :wink:

We will look into it and try to reproduce/fix it…


of course it’s not a secret. just specific competition in my niche.

So you think we will become your competitor once we get hand on your listings?

of course no :slight_smile:
just do not want to disclose. you may count me as paranoid. :slight_smile: