Payment Options Error

I am unable to list any products and I have been getting an error message saying “a payment method has to be set up so you can continue to sell on eBay.” I have been using the same payment profile for a long time and have never run into this issue. I checked the profile on eBay, updated everything I could think to update and still no luck. I even tried to see if it was just the template I was working on that was having problems, but I can’t seem to list anything.

I have GarageSale 7.0.7 (795) and I’m not sure what has gone wrong since we have not changed any of our settings/profiles.

Hi Julia,

could you please post a screenshot of that error?
Do you maybe have to check your seller settings on the My eBay website e.g. update your credit card details that you use to pay your eBay fees?

Regards, Kristian

Ahh. Thank you so much Kristian! It seems that it was an issue with our credit card. :sweat_smile: