Paypal ...what will ebay replace it with?

This just in from Paypal :
When a merchant processes a refund to one of their customers, PayPal will now retain all fees paid by the merchant when the merchant received the original payment from that customer.

For example, the $100 AUD you received, $2.90 AUD total fee from the 2.6%+0.30 cents AUD transaction fee will be deducted still by PayPal. To make it short, the buyer will get the full amount they paid for, you will lose the amount equal to the transaction fee if the transaction with the buyer is unsuccessful.

I hope this answer your question. Please let me know if you need further clarification in regards to our updated policy.

Thank you for choosing PayPal.


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Thank you for the response.

I am concerned that the policy is not very clear and I did answer my specific questions.

Let me give you an example:

I am a seller on ebay AU.

Ebay require mandatory acceptance of paypal as a payment system.

If I sell an item on ebay for $100 to a buyer….

The buyer pays $100 for it by paypal, and then changes their mind….or fails or refuses to pick it up…

if I refund the buyer the purchase price of $100…what are the new charges/ fees that paypal now demand?

PayPal curious and somewhat arrogant response … In Australia everyone must have a PayPal account to sell, unlike the Euro ebay sites. …
I am sorry to hear that you are not pleased with the information that we have provided you in regards to the User Agreement Pricing Changes. It is not our intention for you to feel bad about it. We wanted to keep you as our valued customer but we respect your stand about this upcoming changes.

We update our standard legal agreements (including the User Agreement) from time to time to include new services, clarify terms and conditions, and to roll out changes. The return fee change brings us in line with the industry at large. As usual, we are notifying our customers prior to these changes taking effect to allow them to review and understand the terms in advance of implementation.

If this changes will not work for you and if you think that you do not want to be subject to the updates that are being made to the standard legal agreements, you have the option to close your account before the updates go into effect on May 7. Customers who do not close their PayPal account will be subject to the new terms at that time. You may also close your PayPal account after that time too.

Marion Luiggi

Paypal has the upper hand and they know. There is not much to do and say further, let’s pay also this one, otherwise we can close our account and dedicate to pastoralism…

P.S. If you trade with antiques, let me give you an advice. Give up with eBay and start using Catawiki (depending on your location, if available…), it is worthwhile…

Stand up to PayPig and close it. Try ANYTHING else. The more people that walk away or shut down even temporarily the more chance PayPig will change or eBay will provide other options.

@biggysmalls The first thing to do would be moving to other platform, not closing PayPal. eBay business without PayPal does not exists, at least here where any apple/google/ebay payment method is pure fantasy, and we cannot risk to shut down and fire employees. On the side of eBay business, we already changed deeply our business switching off almost totally with numismatics and antiques trade on eBay (core businesses), but keeping very little worth goods is a choice I personally did as collector before merchant and I am glad with it (although sales go no more like years ago…). Who would pay €€/$$$$ of bank transfer for a postcard?? Excluding cheques by mail, postal payments (not available abroad), cash (need tracked payments for fiscal duties…), escrow solutions (not that practice)… what else am I missing??

My advice? Don’t tilt at windmills. Try to pay $$$$ for participating in fairs and $$$$$$$$ for a real shop as we already do and then you will find out that maybe it worths to bend head, close eyes and pay…

Thanks for your advice. As an antiques furniture dealer of over 35 years experience in retail, I have had all the above including attending grande Antique fairs and have had several shops . Sadly the retail world has changed dramatically but for me I see just as many sales from my website as from my previous shops and yes buyers do deposit money into banks, especially as they know and trust my excellent reputation . The problem we all face is that ebay and PayPal LOVE anonymity and that unfortunately also encourages thieves and and fraudulent buyer activity , especially attempting against reputable sellers…its probably a challenge thing for them!
I would like to see ebay allow sellers again to leave +ve or -ve feedback once a seller has over 1000 trades . This might help to level the playing field and truely reflect on the buyer’s activity with the seller. Thats fair.
I would also like to see PayPal honour all payments with their Sellers Guarantee - EVEN FOR ITEMS COLLECTED , when tracked online postage is NOT AVAILABLE.

The CEO of PayPig makes $52,653 a day. This is a company that has always been profitable. So no it’s not much of a challenge for them making sellers pay for any fraud committed by buyers. Actually, I may go looking for sellers selling similar items to me after May 7th that are using PayPal and then “changing my mind for a refund” because that’s pretty much how they used to do it when union lines were broken. It’s absurd that PayPig wants to keep the fees when they don’t even provide a way for a buyer to change their address.

I stopped offering returns on my items sold through eBay when they started forcing sellers to offer minimum 30-day returns if they offered returns at all. So, I won’t have this problem with PayPal. Obviously, sellers can still request returns if an item is defective or otherwise not as described, so I’m very careful to be accurate in my descriptions.

I do remember reading about a year ago that eBay would be switching to its own payment service and kicking PayPal to the curb as the default, but who knows when that’ll happen. It’ll be interesting to see if eBay implements the same refund policy as PayPal anyway, since they seem intent on continuing to make it harder on sellers to be more buyer friendly.

I see, furniture is a very specific matter into antiquarian trade that changes all what I said above, I was referring to little worth goods (like photos, postcards and similars) or handy antiques easy to ship. I do agree that with furniture all changes, from payment method to general market consideration, shippings, … I was replying to @biggysmalls whose consideration are theoretically correct but practically impracticable. I have no doubts there is a lot not good with PayPal, especially consisting its unfair (almost dishonest I would say…) policies, but what can we do without this payment method, apart changing job? Concretely…

Attention that at least in the EU, the return is mandatory if you are a business seller, you might have serious legal issues if you don’t offer it and a competitor want to break your b… already heard of seller with similar problems here…

Not exactly. He made $1,000,000 salary in 2017.

Additionally, he got $1,000,000 Bonus and Non-Equity Incentive Compensation. About $17,000,000 was stocks.

None of that is unusual or even excessive for a CEO with his background.

Devin Wenig (eBay) got $1,000,000 un salary $2,600,000 in Bonus and Non-Equity Incentive Compensation, andf $17,670,000 inn stocks.

Stay Nadella, (Microsoft) got $1,500,000 in salary and $7,425,000 in Bonus and Non-Equity Incentive Compensation. Stocks? $16,807,208.

Tim Cook (Apple) gets the least of all Apple top executives with $3,000,000 base pay and $12,000,000 in Bonus and Non-Equity Incentive Compensation, and $0.00 in stocks.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it, he still made $52,000 a day. And all of the other CEO’s aren’t worth that much either. If you want to believe that it’s ok for one man to make more in one day what another man makes in a year and then for both of them to pay about the same tax rate you are welcome to it!

Only one year?? Come on, we are not taking about CEO salary here (which is anyway in the average as Michelle carefully pointed out)… I would have tons of much more unfair examples if you want to hear, starting from state (not private companies!!!) that takes 22% over each receipt (not 3,4%…) or a half of your turnover and gives you almost nothing in change… but this is not the place to discuss this…

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