Photos are not showing up after relisting from GarageSale

Hi there,

I am using version 6.9.7 on GarageSale. Majority of my listings upload correctly but when I use the relist function on GarageSale to select a few to upload at a time. A few of the relisted listing images seem to not upload properly to ebay. The picture shows up in the search or when I click on it individually. But the thumbnail seems to be missing.

Also, questions #2 - When I edit pictures to replace it with new ones by using the REVISE only the listing information shows the new images (GarageSale) but the ebay gallery on the top left corner remains with the OLD images. Very odd I tried to press the button REMOVE ALL IMAGES to start all over but it doesnt seem to work still.

All my listing are set for 30 days



did you maybe revise or relist the auctions in question through the eBay web form in the past?

Regards, Kristian

The thumbnails not showing may be an Ebay issue as i have recently seen other messages on other groups from people I dont think use Garagesale.

Hi, Nope I double checked those listings with error and I did not make any changes through ebay website. However, when I use the GarageSale to remove old pictures to upload better pictures it doesn’t update the upper left corner gallery pictures. It only updates in the description area with the new images. This forces me to use the ebay website to remove the pictures to upload new ones for the gallery. It is such a hassle and it might cause some errors for those listings in the future.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi, I just started using GarageSale in Oct 2015. I started noticing this in 2016 it was all working fine before. Thanks

I just sent an e-mai to eBay API support asking them if there were any chance to Revise call, that could have an effect on images not properly updating. Let’s see if this leads to something.