Photos in albums not appearing in media

Gosh, I am frustrated! I have pictures in photos in albums that won’t appear in Garage Sale and yes I am running the up to date version. This happened when iphoto became photos. The pictures are there in photos but arent uploading to garage sale. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Have you restarted GarageSale since you added these pictures to “Photos”.

Unfortunately, we are using a library function provided by Apple, so if that library function does not return all your images, there is not much we can do about it, beside waiting for Apple to fix the bug.

I am having exactly the same issue and it is very frustrating. I have had to revert to using iphotos again and even then, I am finding that the upload image function is too slow and I am having to drag and drop. Given that photos are a key element of any ebay listing this really needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. I don’t know that waiting around for Apple to fix the problem is really good enough.