Pictures are to small after migrate to new Mac

the pictures are to small after I migrate via GarageSale Pro Cloud.

The pictures are sown:

In the auction they are also such small. On old Mac they was 1920px in width.
What I has to change?

best regards


maybe you only have to change the service and/or the image size in the preferences?

You find this setting in GarageSale’s Preferences in the eBay tab. Then select the “eBay Images” tab below. If you change the service to the free picture service you can select a larger size for your images underneath.


Good morning Paul,
thanks a lot - this works.
Are the maximum image size 1600x1200:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-18 um 08.07.01

or will FullHD ( 1920x1080) also avaiable?


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