Please make a GS adv. preferences option "always/never download web fonts"

It’s bothering me a lot when i want to switch to Live Listing view mode. Thanks!

Sorry, the System’s component GarageSale is using for displaying HTML content doesn’t have an option to hide that panel.

We need to switch to a different component this year anyway, hopefully that version is more flexible in this regard.

Would it be possible to have GS auto-click skip every time this pops up?

No, that alert is displayed from within Apple’s code, GarageSale doesn’t have control about it. My suggestion would be to just click “Download” for the 3 different fonts (or so) eBay wants to use, and have peace of mind afterwards.

Alright, thank you! It’s just a bit annoying to do this again when creating a new user account on OSX and those preferences don’t get applied. Is there any way to copy all of GS’s settings to another (newly created) user account on the same machine?

If you move the com.iwascoding.garagesale8 directory from Library/Containers from one account, to the same directory in another user’s home directory, you should have all the settings and data available on your new account. You would reauthorized your eBay accounts though, because the eBay API access tokens are stored in the Keychain for each user.

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