Possible "Sort by Title" bug in Beta 49

I started with a inventory folder and 5 inventory items. Placing the items into the folder and selecting “Sort by Title” worked correctly. Then I created 4 more inventory items. When I dragged those into the folder and again selected “Sort by Title,” anything in the description boxes of the 4 “new” items disappeared. I haven’t been able to recreate the occurrence, but it’s following an odd pattern with the Inventory screen where something’ll be buggy the first time I try it and then work the second time (the 1st time I duplicated an inventory item, the duplicate featured same font in description area as original but original reverted to default Helvetica; creating a new inventory item–the first time after adjusting the font of the previous item I’d created–resulted in the description area using Helvetica, but, after changing the 2nd one to the font I wanted, creating new inventory items after that used “my” font instead).