Preview in browser shows listing on other eBay website

I listed an item on (shipping destination is “worldwide”).
“Preview in browser” shows it on instead of

I suspect that is because in my GS preferences new listings are set to

Is there a way to have the “preview in browser” show the item on the website where it is listed initially?

Thanks in advance,

I am not 100% sure but this might have to do with your browser. If you open in your browser (Safari) and log-in there, does GarageSale show your listing on after restarting GarageSale?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian. Still the same (showing on eBay UK), also after clearing Safari cache.
Perhaps not related, but it could be an eBay quirk. For example they unwantedly auto-translate listings on other eBay sites, and for years still haven’t fixed their bug that the eBay site can suddenly change when you want to answer someones message.

Under Preferences > eBay > New Listings in GarageSale, is you default site set to or

Default site is set to However when I changed the new listing preference to, that listing still in the browser shows on

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