Preview not working


Preview mode seems to have stopped working (for all listings and new listings). Bascially nothing appears (Live mode and Editor mode work fine). GS is to up to date 7.0.15 (837) on OS 10.10.5, and ebay token refreshed.

In the console I get this message when clicking preview:

24/06/2018 09:22:52.859 GarageSale[4007]: GSPreviewGenerator: Received exception while running MiscMerge -[NSCache setObject:forKey:cost:]: attempt to insert nil value (key: com.myserver.2017-design)

Any help greatly appreciated

OK, I think I have worked it out. The design template I was using was a blank one (purposefully) as all the layout/coding was imported for each listing.

In the past that didn’t have any effect on whether the preview worked or not. Switching the listing to “Don’t Use a Design” now means that preview is working.