Previously listed items show up as eBay webpage not GarageSale records I can edit

When I go back to relist items through GarageSale, all records are now loaded eBay pages, rather than GarageSale records like the ones I see before I list the items. This is useless for items more than 90 days old. Is there any way to access the original GarageSale record so I can edit and relist? Some items are also missing.

My usual workflow is to list store items initially with GarageSale, and then move them into a folder I keep of listed items. I then relist items that don’t sell through eBay. I’ve been doing this for years. I was going to do an audit of my items by going through them one by one and relisting them through GarageSale, but now I can’t find the original records to edit and relist. Doing this through the eBay website would be tedious.

I only use GarageSale for listing, I don’t use it for auction management.

You need to make sure that the button to the left of LIVE (at the top of the interface) is selected. That should do it.

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Thanks so much! That did it!

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