Pro Template Missing After GS7 Upgrade

We’ve been using the Pro: Classic template for more than a year and have hundreds of listings on eBay using that template. After finally upgrading from GS 6.9.8 to the latest version of GS 7.x.x that template is no longer available. We get an error message when GS loads. I went back through our emails and pulled the last transaction ID for the template purchase, but when I enter it, another message appears stating the template is no available. Pro: Classic is obviously still on the store and we need to regain access to it ASAP as we’ve got 1000 current listings and several hundred new ones to be created during the next two weeks. How can we fix this? Thanks.

Hi Chase,

You’re probably using a different license name in GS7 that’s why your paid design is not currently available.
Please contact the GarageSale support directly:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks. Done.

p.s. Had to use a different email address than registered under as your server side spam filtering bounced our emails.


can you send me reply from our server (or log from your server) in a private message? I will then have a look…


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