Problem: image for GTC listings went lost

Is there anyone who can explain me why this (and some others!) GTC listing lost all its images?? That’s NOT a 30-days listing with autorelisting…


It seems we have an issue on our GTC servers, that resulted in some GTC listings having lost their images. We are still investigating the issue, and will contact effected sellers once we worked out instructions how to cope with the image lost.

For now, did you try to revise the listing with images and description selected as properties to revise? There’s a good chance that this will solve the issue.

Hello @ilja ,
thank you for your reply.
This problem does not affect all listings but only some, I do not understand in which order/for which reason these listings and not others. Anyway

I revised it with all properties selected and images reappeared (since they were still present in the listing in GS). However I have several hundreds of GTC listings lost somewhere in my shop and I cannot check one by one… I hope you will repair it.

Thank you

We are still working out how many listings were affected by the corrupted database. If your listing is effected depends on several parameters, e.g. on which of our servers the image was hosted and in what particular state the database was in when your listing was last processed. That’s why its tricky to figure out what listings are affected.

Here is what you can do right now to replace any images in case they should have gone missing on our servers:

  1. Setup a smart group like this. Enter 1000 in the duration field (which is GarageSale’s internal duration code for good til canceled listings).
  2. Select all the listings in that smart group and invoke the Revise command on the them. Select “eBay Images” and “Description” as parameters to revise:
  3. After the revise commando went trough, change the status property in the Smart Group definition to “Running with Bids or Sales” and repeat step 2.

This should fix any missing images issues.

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Thanks for the clear explanation, I will do it!

Please let me know if this fixes the issue for you.

@ilja I did it and now images (at least for that listing) are returned, but… I think it could not revise all GTC listing in only 10 minutes… I left GS working and when I returned after 15 minutes the launch control was disappeared (auto closing enabled), but it’s impossible… mmmh not sure it revised all, but since the launch control closed or I do it again and check step by step if it works or I don’t know if it actually fixed all GTC…

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