Problem receiving emails from Ebay when listing item

When I first downloaded Garage sale 7, I would receive email notification from ebay each time I listed an item. Now I no longer receive them. I have spoken to ebay, and they say that everything is fine on their end. The email provider says the same thing. Is there any preference box or something on garage sale’s end that would prevent this from coming through? Thanks

I don’t think that your missing message are connected to GarageSale. There are messaging preferences on the My eBay website, but GarageSale does not alter those.

If you don’t see these messages in your spam folder, your e-mail server probably refused to accept those messages from eBay in the first place.

Do you get any other messages from eBay, like “item sold” messages?

Yes, I get the email from sold too. I at first didnt think it was a garage sale problem. But I have found out that if I list an item directly through ebay and not garage sale then I get a message from ebay saying the item has been listed.

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