Problem with image upload failing

Hello, I am using Garage sale 7.0.9, I haven’t use GS for a while. After several issues I have now reached the final upload stage and it is failing on upload of images (401). The images are 1600pixels on the wide edge and saved as jpeg, there are 7. I am using OS Big Sur. Any ideas?

Your version 7.0.9 is way too old for all the changes of the eBay system.
Please see this post:

Thanks for the fast reply Kristian, I’ll consider my options.

Hello, So I have downloaded the latest version with the intention of purchasing an upgrade, but decided to try before I buy. This time the images still will not upload because I have a ‘good till cancel’ applied, and it seems, I cannot change this because I am using a ‘buy it now’, I would be quite happy with 10 days or 30 days but I don’t want an auction. I hope there is a solution for this because I see I have to purchase the Pro version for ‘good till cancel’ which is a deal breaker for me since I am not a heavy user of eBay. Advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

GarageSale free image server can only be used for auctions. You can also use it for fixed-price items but this requires the GarageSale Pro subscription.

If you don’t need the GarageSale Pro service but want to list a fixed-price item, just switch to eBay’s picture service in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian for clarifying that.

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