Problem with images: 403 forbidden!

@ilja this morning I have been experiencing troubles with image, I really hope you could help me as soon as possible.
All this listings are 30 days with auto-restart. If I am not wrong (please confirm this) every time they are relisted images should be sent again to your hosting so they never disappear also if they are not GTC listing, right?! So why this ?? Lots of listings are showing this problem… I am a bit worried…

If I revise the listing from GS images return to be displayed, but I don’t know how many listing has this problem… please help :pray:

These listings have been relisted at least 2 times, so it is more than 60 days from the very first start… but I think this should not influence since every 30 days they expire and relist as new, am I wrong??

I see. Seems the “Relist without changes” option doesn’t mix well with using our image server, as wee need to change the listings description in order to include the newly-uploaded images.

We try to figure out how to address this issue.

Ah :sweat: @ilja if I do “relist with changes” it works?

Relisting with “All Changes” gives you better chances.

@ilja [quote=“ilja, post:5, topic:2270”]
Your changes

you mean that I actually have to change something in the listing in order it works or can I easily set in advanced insector “relist with changes” and images will be correctly displayed (changing nothing in concrete)?

Just set the menu to “Relist with changes”. You don’t need to actually change something. This will make sure that the description is updated to include the links to newly uploaded images.

Fine, will modify in bulk all my listing!!

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