Problem with profiles using foreign eBay site

I have a new problem.
I was loooking for selling one item using not my eBay(.it) but a foreign one (in particular USA, I went on and created my custom profiles for shipping, returns and payments. Then I opened GS, but I cannot see any profile. I switched to United States in advanced sections, I did a “refresh” of profiles but still nothing… could you help me, please :pray: ?

Thank you

Look, still nothing :frowning2: I tried also another eBay(, still the same, GS does not show any profile… is this only for me??

That’s probably a bug. Have you tried switching the default eBay site in the preferences and restarting GarageSale. I believe an startup GarageSale refreshes your profiles from the default site.

Uhm I did not switch the default eBay site, but I don’t find it in preference… where is it?

Thank you

It’s in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > New Listings

Regards, Kristian

Hello Kristian,
thank you for your help, you found out the matter.
Well, I think it works in a strange (wrong?) way: if I set in preferences>eBay > New Listings>USA I see profiles for BUT now I don’t see any more profiles for If I switch it again from .com to .it I see profiles for Italian website but again not for USA. What do you think about this?



we fixed an issue where the profiles get only downloaded for the current default site (for the next beta). This is fixed by downloading profiles for the site which is selected in the current listing, not the default site.

In the popup, the profiles for the selected site in the listing should pop up. So if you download the profiles for both sites (once with each site selected as the default site in the preferences) the profiles should popup in the inspector accordingly to the site selected in the listing you have selected.


Still not working for me. Switching sites back and fourth, updating data but profiles working only for selected site :frowning:

Yes, we will fix it for the next beta.

too many bugs even for pre-release of software dealing with finances. not a good deal to test paid software for our money.