Problem with Youtube Videos?

Hello, I have embeded youtube videos to the auction description with GarageSale. I´m using GarageSale Version 6.9.8 (634). Ebay keeps sending my Emails and telling me that there is an issue with using Java Script in this auction. And that these actions a violating Ebays guidelines. What is your experience with that. Do I have to take Ebay emails serious? Is there a solution for that issue? thanks, Marcus

eBay enacted a new “Active Content Policy” a while back. As part of this, YouTube videos are no longer allowed.

This is probably what the e-mail you are getting is about, it’s just might be poorly worded. JavaScript was outlawed as part of the same policy.

Supposedly eBay is working on their own video technology, but there’s hasn’t been an official announcement so far.

hello Ilja, thanks for that detailed background information! Do you think it will be an issue if I ignore the Ebay warning and keep listing my auction with video? thanks, Marcus

That makes no sense because you’re video won’t be displayed.
Also, ignoring eBay’s policy is never a good idea.

What you still can do is to add a link to that YouTube video. If you do so make sure to add a target="_blank" attribute to that link! (another new rule) GarageSale 7 does this automatically.

Regards, Kristian

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So, I was doing this for links to mp3s I had uploaded to both my own website and to soundcloud, and it was still not accepted by eBay…? Any ideas? For now, I just removed the links.

thanks Kristian. I thought the videos are still displayed but Ebay blocks that. I will use the link instead!

Links to non-eBay site are no longer allowed.

Links that direct customers to a site other than eBay are not allowed, except when linking to:
• Product videos
• Freight shipping services
• Other legally required information

Maybe you can upload your music to YouTube? Linking to YouTube videos is still allowed.

Regards, Kristian

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