Problems Trying to Bulk Edit multiple listings HELP PLEASE!

I’m trying to bulk edit my listings, but keep getting the spinning ball of death. It is taking hours to make simple changes! AM I doing something wrong? I am on a MAC running Yosemite v. 10.10.2

Also, I have created a template that I like. Is it possible to use that template when I import listings from Turbo Lister, or do I have to essentially start from scratch every time I import new listings?

Thank you

What kind of changes are you making? How many listing templates have you selected when making these changes?

Select this template as your master template in the Preferences panel. It’s setting will be used for everything that’s not overwritten in the Turbo Lister file.

I’m working with about 3500 listings.

Having the same problem now that I am trying to verify the listings. It is taking forever!