Problems using webdav servers with alternate ports in GS9

Hi Garagesale Team,

I was using a webdav configuration as own image server which includes an alternate Port (2078) and configured it like this:


It was working fine in GS7 but now after upgrading to GS9 I get this error message after testing the settings:


I get also image upload errors when I’m using this webdav server in regular upload of listings to ebay.

Could you please check this problem ?

I have some listings where I need more than 20 images so the GS image server is not an alternate here.

Thanks and BR,


If you have a GarageSale Pro subscription you can add up to 50 images per listing using GarageSale’s picture service!

Thank you for the information. Paul contacted me regarding the bug, he was able to fix it and I tested the bugfix in the latest Alpha version.

awesome, glad to hear

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