Problems with Local Pickup Only GS 7.0.13

Having problems setting local pickups/cash only templates

New template started in GS 7, so not imported. (Sorry, Please click on the first image - I loaded them with space in between, but the second image continues to overlap the bottom of it - it may be fine on your screen?)




This is a desk. What am I doing wrong? Is it because it’s still picking up the old package size and weights? Don’t really know how to change that… Thanks!


You need to select PayPal in the payment options screen. eBay wants the payment to go through their system so they collect fees. Customer will pickup after they have made payment. Optionally, you may be able to select ‘See Description’ to collect cash on buyer picking up, although I have never tried this.

Thanks, Steve

I’ve seen much advice to only accept cash on pickup. I expect eBay pulls their fee for that item from my paypal account (or however I have my account payments set up). It’s been a very long time since I used local pickup, so can’t recall the details. Some sellers do accept paypal.

Jar asked iwascoding in 2016: “Trying to list for LOCAL pickup only…but keeps requiring shpg profile”

Tried to follow that example…

Any suggestions?

Have you checked if there’s a “Local Pickup” shipping service available for your site? I think you need to add it as a shipping service if you wan to make this work.

Hi ilja

If you click on the first image, you’ll see that “local pickup” is selected under shipping… (I imported each image separately and added space, but for some reason the second image keeps overlapping)

I’m not sure what you mean by my site? I’m on US site - local pickup should be standard.

I will contact them by phone today to make sure I apply the right settings. There’s a lot of debate just to add to the confusion.


you have selected a shipping profile in the shipping options. Instead, try to set it to “Don’t Use”, then add a shipping service. You might want to pick the “Local Pickup” there.

Regards, Kristian

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