Proposed price settings are not transferred to eBay


I initially did not activate “use proposed price”.
But than I activated it and also activated the option to reject proposals under a certain price.
GS transferred this correctly to eBay.
But after that I removed the checkbox to reject proposals under a certain price.
But this change does not get transferred to eBay.
It does not get transferred either if I change the price of that option to its default zero.
So I need to got to eBay and update it manually.

Or is there a workaround?


I just found a workaround myself.
If I disable proposed price for a listing, transferring it to ebay and than activate it again, the reject proposals under a certain price option stays disabled.

But anyway, GS should fix that.


After you changed the best offer settings, did you use the “Revise” command in GarageSale to send your changes to eBay?

yes, of course


I’ve had this problem as well, but only noticed it once on a listing that had expired and then changed the auto decline price for to relist it. I used the Revise command just as I should, but it did not get changed properly on eBay and I had to do it manually.

I see. This version should correctly delete the auto accept and auto decline prices during Revise, if not activated in GarageSale anymore:

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