Quantum state Event

I upgraded to GS7 on Friday and am getting used to how things works - so far I’m getting on OK. However I’ve come up against a problem I can’t seem to resolve. I opened a new event, put some items into it, enabled it and then realised I wanted to edit one of the items because it was 10 days rather than 7. The even is marked as enabled but the box is grey so I can’t un-enable it. I moved it into the deleted events folder but it still says GS is going to launch later.

So, how do I resolve this? The event seems to be neither active nor non-active and there’s nothing I can do to change this. Also, is there some way to get rid of items in the deleted event folder? There doesn’t seem to be an “empty trash” option.

I’m using GS 7.0.1 and El Capitan 10.11.6


All my listings went on despite two of the three events being in the trash. It made me wonder what I was supposed if I wanted to change the time or not list one of the items. Surely this is a fault, not part of the new design?

Sorry, we introduce a bug in the final version that prevented disabling events that were about to be uploaded. This will be fixed in the 7.0.2 release. Once you disable an event, you will be able to remove and add listings to it.

You can empty the Event trash by right-clicking the left-hand outline view in the Scheduler window and choosing “Erase deleted events”.

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