Question for GTC vs 30 days listing

this question is half GS and half not, I hope you could anyway help me to clarify this matter. Don’t worry, no bugs on the horizon this time :slight_smile:
This evening I had a concrete proof of a doubt I had about the use of GTC listings (I won’t tell you about the proof but I will start from my conclusions). The thing that annoys me is that when a GTC listing ends eBay does not relist it as a new listing but it stays there and month after month it looses in the deep between hundred thousand of similar active listing. Well, as you might know, the most percentage of probability to sell items as those I sell is during some days after starting. After that time, as I told, it looses itself between all eBay listings and it is more hard to sell. So, now let’s talk about my problem. I would like to start moving from GTC to 30-days listings, but I have some question for you:

  1. Is it possible to set from GS unlimited relistings for a 30-days-long sale? If yes, how? I have never done it before…
  2. Now the main problem. With GTC subscription you store my images on your server until a GTC listing is active. Well, what about 30-days listings? If I have a annual subscription do you keep my image forever also for 30 days-listings? Or only for GTC? If you keep also for 30-days, what about after the end of annual subscription?
  3. Maybe the GTC subscription is only for… GTC :disappointed_relieved: … but so how can I do it? I hope to have clearly explained my doubts…

I hope you could help me for this damned matter…
Thank you


a) For GTC listings, GarageSale uploads the images to a special location on the server and tracks the corresponding listing. If the listing did end more than 60 days ago, it will delete the images. (So if the listing never ends, the images will never be deleted.)

b) For regular/non-GTC listings, GarageSale will upload the images to the server and will delete them 60 days later. No tracking of any listing, because all listing should have ended at this day.

This is how GTC images work on eBay. They show a 30 days duration but will “extend” for another 30 days the day they end (and of cause they are not sold).

As 30-days-listings are not GTC listings, the images will be uploaded and will be deleted after 60 days. You have to relist them through GarageSale, as GarageSale will upload the images again. If you relist them through eBay, the images will be deleted before the listing ends.

Yes, GTC subscription is only for GTC listings. But if you use GarageSale for relist/revise you should not run in any trouble. For a (hopefully) clear explanation see a)/b) above.

Something you should think of (if GTC is not the way you want to go) also is the “Automatic Restart Feature”. This will restart the listing automatically once it did end. Please see Automatic Restart Feature.

Hope that helps,

Hello @paul
thank you for your help. I have some more questions.

  1. First, please could you send me again your last link? it does not work… how does automatic relist work? Does it work only from GS? Unlimited time? And what happen if I manually close the listing?

  2. The main problem of GTC is that actually it does not relist the auction but extends duration, and this does not mean relist as new listing. I am studying the situation and I am not the only one who noticed this matter… so, a question for you: I have about 1200 active listings, all GTC, is it possible to bring them to 30-days-listings?

  3. last question. What about FTP/webdav and similar solution? Might it solve the matter? If yes… please :pray: explain me what I have to do because it is arabic for me :sob: do I have to buy some “space” on the web? Can you suggest any solution?

I hope to hear from you, this is an important matter for me…
Thank you

The link works okay here. Maybe you should try a different browser? Here is the address again:



I think it will auto-relist again. So you should de-activate the auto-relist feature before ending your listing early.

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think so. eBay treats GTC listing as a special format, like auction or BuyItNow (BIN) listings. Since you cannot revise an BIN listing to become an auction listing, I doubt that you can revise a GCT listing to become a 30 BIN listing. Maybe somebody else on this forum knows?

I’m not sure what the exact problem is, as @paul pretty much explained the in and outs of our image hosting:

NON-GTC Listings + regular GarageSale image hosting: images will stay on our servers for 60 days
GTCListing + GarageSale GTC image hosting: images will stay on our servers as long as the listing is active

Not sure why you would run your own web server, unless you want to use a higher resolution than our servers support.

Hello @ilja ,
I came here as I am use to do many times but I actually did not expect a response since the time… but here you are, thank you for reply!!!

Well, I am a bit tired now so I think I will postpone the explanation of the situation, I don’t want to make you sick with a sleeping soliloquy with my sleeping english. So just a little note. I asked you about the ftp and webdav because of a reason, if 30-days-listings’ images stay in your server “only” for 60 days, what about using a web server to have image forever without using GTC listings? Do you think it is possible or just a crazy idea? No matter if you think it is absurd :sweat_smile: I had this idea and I had in mind to ask you some more info.

For other points, I will reply to you shortly tomorrow.

Thanks for help as always

Please forgive me for link, after some tries now it works…