Question? Getting Ebay error HTTP?

Im trying to figure out listing on ebay. I have my auction all set click start. Then i get this message
Ebay error
Ebay security policy only allows HTTPS resources in listing not HTTP resources.

What do i need to correct?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

It seems your listing description points to an image to is loaded via the insecure http protocol.

Have you tried running the “Repair Image Links” command from the Listing menu?

Im trying to use my iphone edition which i bought also for my Mac. Book.
Where exactly, would you please share?
Thank you in advance for your reply

Me again. Cant find that menu on my phone although i do see it on my Mac.

Sorry, GarageSale Touch for iOS does not have such a function.
Also, it is not compatible with all the changes of the eBay system.

We had to remove GarageSale Touch from the App Store because the current version can’t start listings that are compliant to eBay’s new policies.

In GarageSale for Mac it might also be needed to check the footer and if you use a design form the Design Store, update it. Please see #2 in the FAQs here for all details:

Regards, Kristian

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