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Hi there…
I finally downloaded a pro template and started to add shipping, payment and refund information. 1. Problem I’m having is they are written in sentences with full returns, but only show up as a continuous text paragraph.
2. Can I change the order of the labels?
GarageSale 6.9.8

Never mind. Bad response.

Thanks Michelle
I notice the pro templates don’t actually show more than one text block, so maybe can’t be done?

Shift+Return would be a “soft return” which is taking out the carriage return or paragraph. Is that why you removed your answer :slight_smile:

I tried putting it back into Word, removing the formatting and tried it both: hard and soft returns. So far, same diff.

I just added a bullet between each sentence - it looks ok - better than a chunk of text at the bottom. I llke using images in pairs, and anything that comes after the top two doesn’t show up 'til after that text, so this is waaaaay better.

Thanks again!

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You’re referring to the “info boxes”. You can format the text using basic HTML tags. See the here for examples (it refers to image captions in GarageSale 7 but works the same for info boxes):

You can’t change the order of the info boxes. What you could do instead is “re-order” them by changing the info box titles.

Regards, Kristian

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Yes, it is.

I got so excited about having an answer instead of a billion questions, I didn’t check first to see if this common solution worked in GS7. It works in many other apps and social media.


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