QUICKEST less painful way to UPGRADE FROM 6.6.6 to Latest Version

Hello I am asking for assistance on the way to upgrade (Finally) from 6.6.6

I just aquired a computer that can handle MAC OS 10.10 - it is being installed right now
and will be ready tomorrow.

I have to then of course convert my thousands of GS 6x files to 7x.

Do I go from 6.6.6 right to the latest version? I certainly need a version that can deal
with the HTTP / HTTPS issue which I could never iron out in 6.6.6 - I could list until tonite
and now most of my templates recieve errors.

Please let me know the proper steps so I can be up and running this week. Thanks so much.

Hi Scott,

instead of upgrading from the (very) old GarageSale 6.6.6 to GarageSale 7, I would first update the GarageSale 6.6.6 version to the latest one which is 6.9.8.
If needed, you can install download it from here:
I would then start that version and check whether all my items are available.

I would then make the upgrade to GarageSale 7. You can download the latest version form the GarageSale website:
At first launch GarageSale 7 will ask you to import your GS6 database.
Please also see the help here:
If you get a error regarding a “helper application” during the import process, please let us know.

Regards, Kristian

Hello K.

I followed your instructions, upgraded from 666x to 698x , verified all was working then uppgraded
to the newest version 7x - and imported / converted the old listings. I then paid for the upgrade
and now all is 100%.
I was expecting to have to fix files with the ‘remove image link’ tool - as my listings were rejected in
6x - but I tested the same files that were giving me problems in 6.6.6 and they uploaded fine without
having to do any further scripts.

I did notice the old 6x template files I had made, when I opened in a text editor there were indeed
weird links in them that I didn’t insert, links to Adobe for example probably because I edited
photos in photoshop , some meta tags ?

Thanks for the help!

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