Re-listing after 90 days

I am new to GarageSale, and cannot work out if I can re-list an eBay auction after 90 days has expired? I typically have about 100 Listings, but leave the country every year for 4 months, and would like to be able to delete all listings before I leave, and conveniently relist them after I return.
I see under Preferences that I can set “Delete finished auctions” to “Never”. I also see GarageSale saves “Deleted Auctions”. How do I use one of these options to then select and re-list as before, with full pictures etc?

Many thanks in advance for any advice

GarageSale will let you re-list an auction, even if it has been ended 90 days ago. I’m not 100% percent sure if eBay will let your re-list go through after three months, but if re-listing fails you can always start an identical listing from the old one.

Here is what I would do:

  • Once you are about to leave the country, shift-select all the listings you want to end in GarageSale in the left-hand outline view (hold down the shift key to select multiple items)
  • Choose “Stop Listings” from the “Listings menu” to stop them all
  • Once you are back, select all the listings and choose “Re-list listings” from the Listings menu. This will also upload your images again if needed.

Hope this helps,

Thank you IIja, I appreciate your help. But I do not see a “Listings” Menu
_ I am using v.6.9.7 on a Mac (Safari 10.0). I will attach a screen shot
of the menu that comes up.

I must be missing something. Should I upgrade to the newest version?



I see. Generally the strategy would be the same for GS 6. However, the terminology used in this version is a little different. Some of the menu commands I mentioned are in the “Template” menu, while others are in the “Auctions” menu.

If you just got started with GarageSale, it’s better to switch to version 7 right away. Some stuff has changed, and it’s most likely pointless to learn how to use the GS 6 at this point.

Hello Ilja.

I updated to v7 and now everything is clear.

Thanks for your help.


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