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I just opted in for managed payments with ebay and when I try to list an item with Garagesale, I get 3 error messages saying my payment method is missing. I contacted eBay and they said it’s because Garagesale is 3rd party and doesn’t accept managed payments. I did a search on Garagesale and it says that you do accept managed payments. Is this correct? Should I just bypass the error messages? Can my customers still pay with PayPal?

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I get the same. They can still pay with paypal yes.

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Great! Thank you for the response.

Can you post a screenshot of the error message you are getting?

Thanks for the screenshot. These are just warnings, you can permanently hide them in GarageSale by right-clicking them and choose “Ignore…”.

Warnings #2 and #3 though look managed payments aren’t fully supported for international shipping by eBay.

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