Re-Ordering Item Conditions In The Drop Down Menus


Not a big issue but hopefully one that can be made?

On the drop down menu when picking conditions for say a DVD, can these be reordered in rank?

In other words, when one is about to pick the condition, the drop down should be:

Brand New
Like New
Very Good

Right now, it seems to just order them (as seen in the pic) in a weird random order.

It would make listing faster to know that these conditions are already ranked so we know what to pick faster.



this should be fixed in the next alpha/beta release of GarageSale 9.1.


Here is an alpha version, that puts the conditions popup in are sensible order. It hasn’t seen much testing yet, so depending on how much the sort order pains you, you might or might not want to download it right away:

Thanks ilja, its so minor but it makes revising so much faster, as you know humans are repetitive animals and we have to see things in an orderly way (in layouts) especially when we’re revising fast and multiple items one by one. Thank you so much for this tweak.

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