Reduce prices in fixed value

I want to reduce the price of my ads, not in percentage but in fixed value (-0.50 or -1 or -2, etc.).
The price reduction must be made on six hundred ads. But there is no script to do everything in one operation.
Do you have a solution ?
Thanks for your reply.
Best regards.

I think this can easily be done by adjusting the “Change Price by Factor” script.
Based on that script I created the “Reduce Price by Subtrahend” script which should do what you’re requesting.

Reduce Price by (2.6 KB)

Test it with a single listing first, please.
Hope this helps,

Hello Kristian,
thanks very much. It’s perfect. I can reduce in one operation all the ads I want.

But I hadn’t the “Change Price by Factor” in the script library, only “Change Bin price percent”, “Change bin price” and “Change Starting bid by factor”. Is it normal ?

Thanks for your precious help.

Best regards.

I think, it’s normal. It might be that I downloaded the script from another post in the user forum back in past.

Regards, Kristian

Ok Kristian.
Thanks for your reply.
Best regards.

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