Relaunching unsold listings moves both to Deleted folder


Having some odd issues after updating to 7.07. Could really use help, please. I searched for this and found a similar thread but it is closed so starting a new one.

When relaunching unsold listings, we choose Duplicate and move original to Deleted folder. Tried changing the Destination settings but makes no difference, it always moves both the unsold and the live listing to the Deleted folder.

Any suggestions, please? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Hello Vera,
which version are you using? Do you “relist” the listing through the command in top bar? I did it yesterday with the last version (7.0.7) and worked perfectly…


Thank you for the reply. I just figured it out a few minutes ago, there should be nothing checked for it to work properly. I misunderstood the instructions in the post I mentioned and checked out the boxes in the Launch Pad. Once I unchecked them it works. Thank you!


Welcome Vera :slight_smile:

Glad to be here! Thank you again! :smiley:

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Hi, again!

I believe I figured out what the problem is/was. If I list as new (Relaunch) and choose “delete the old listing” from a Smart Folder, it doesn’t work right. If I do that from the default “All Listings” folder, it works fine. Is that normal?
Thanks again!


Hello Vera,
which smart group are you using (which setting I mean)?

Do you mean “move to trash” in the bottom left corner of the launch control (pop-up window)?

Mmh maybe it’s my fault but I don’t understand what you mean with this default folder… maybe do you mean that relisting (top bar>••• button>third from top) a listing through a smart folder doesn’t work while doing the same from the listing not in the smart folder works? In this case, it works here for me. Make sure you are using the 7.0.7 version!

Hi, the folder is “All Listings” right above the “Deleted Listings” folder, the only one created when I imported from eBay. If I relaunch from this folder, the “move original to deleted folder” works.

If I relaunch or relist as new from any of the Smart Folders above, it doesn’t work. It simply keeps both listings, or moves the live one to the folder. Maybe this will help:

Thanks again!

do you mean doing this?

video on dropbox

Or this?

Ciao! Yes, that is it, I check the “Move Originals to” as in the second image
If I check and select the destination box in the next step, both the new live listing and the old one end up in the deleted folder. Thank you!

Ciao Vera :slight_smile: ah now I see! I never did it to relist and so there might be an issue… but if I can give you an advice, if you want to put again in sale a listing that went unsold (that has solid grey icon), use the first way ( the one you see in the video, click the ••• button just right to the launch one and then choose relist, in the pop-up window you can choose the output folder in the bottom left corner)… that’s undoubtedly the best way to relist a listing, and it works perfectly, both from smart ground and “all listing”.
Hope this will help.

Have a nice day

Thank you Federico, I’ll keep that in mind. I’d rather launch as new since it does look so beautiful and new with our new template. It also gets better visibility :wink:



Welcome Vera. Well, why don’t you modify the template in bulk and then (again in bulk) relist? It is very time saving!

Hi, I’m sorry, haven’t tried bulk edit yet. All our imported listings have old code in the description which we need to remove plus no profiles which I have to add. Thought my only choice was to edit one by one. Is there a page that explains how to do that, please? I have to remove the old code, update the template and the profiles.
Thank you so much for the help! Vera

Hello Vera,
maybe you should check the online manual if there is a page that explain bulk editing. Anyway it’s so easy it would be useless. Just select all listings (as you select files in your finder), then look the right hand panel and choose the profile/design you want. In this way all selected listings will be modified. Look carefully that listings you select have the same profiles, otherwise if they are all different you should do one by one (or group by group).

This will help you

Hi and thank you! I was able to get a very nice listing system set up, we even added another ebay account :slight_smile: Having a problem though with the new account. It pops up a warning about accepting the automatic payment terms and I simply can’t figure out why that would be. Checked all settings, refreshed token, updated and confirmed ebay’s settings and everything looks fine.

Any suggestions, please, on what could be the cause?

Thank you,


Hi Vera,

if it’s a newly created account you probably just have to start creating a listing once through the eBay web form directly. eBay should direct you to the missing settings then. It seems you didn’t tell eBay how to pay your eBay fees so far?
Also, please note the eBay requirements for new accounts:
Due to eBay policies your account must be older than 90 days and have at least 10 feedback points as a seller to use a third party listing tool like GarageSale.

Also, could you please let us know whether the import of the image files works for you with the updated version, posted by Ilja in this thread?:

Regards, Kristian

Hi, Kristian,
The account is old, since 2001, actually my first eBay account. I use it as a secondary account for selling different items. Some listings load even with that message, some don’t. I have listed and made sales in the account since moving to GS7. All settings are fine, automatic payment included, the warning persists.

I’ll upgrade and report back on the images.

Thanks again for all the help!


Hi, I am sorry, I can’t get to the upgrade. It’s an error 404 page.

I have version 7.07 (795) so trying to get it via the software itself didn’t work.

Any suggestions?