Relist auction not working


When an auction ended, i’m unable to relist the auction.

When i click in menu, template , relist auction is not possible

i tried also on iphone app, there, it says can not relist, wrong ebay site…

when i look in settings, all settings are fine.

any help?

also revise auction is not working

Hi Stefke1974,

to relist or revise an auction you need to select the corresponding auction template:

Does this help?
Regards, Kristian

but is it not possible to drag / drop ended auction imported from ebay to My Templates?

also, can i do same on iphone app?

You can let GarageSale “convert” your auctions from “my eBay” to auction templates:

To revise/relist an auction in GarageSaleTouch, please see the note on the website here:

Regards, Kristian