Relist not working - what did I do wrong?

I’m using eBay Australia and have several listings that just ended. I had “Automatic Restart/ Relist with changes” checked in the Advanced settings pane of GarageSale.

However none of my unsold items relisted. What did I do wrong? Please help!

It might be that the listings couldn’t be restarted due to an eBay error message.
If you check the listings to be restarted, do they show a strikethrough rocket icon in the left outline view?

Also, which version of GarageSale 7 are you using?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for your reply. There are no strikethroughs in the rocket icons. I did not receive any eBay error messages.

I’m using the most current version of GS - 7.0.16 (841)

Please let me know how I can resolve this issue?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hmm, it might be an issue with your eBay access token, too.
It’s worth a try to refresh it in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts and then wait for the next item to be auto-relisted by GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

I refreshed the access token but none of the items relisted. Will this this not take effect on the auctions that have ended (which were set to automatically restart/relist) and only work on brand new listings I create?

I want to ensure that this doesn’t happen again as I get charged by eBay for all new listings and don’t for auctions that are automatically relisted - please let me know as this is costly!

Many thanks

Could you export one of the listings in question using GarageSale’s export function (File menu > Export Listings) and post it here compressed as a zip file or send it to the GarageSale support directly so I can have a closer look at it?

You also might want to try to relist one of the listings manually. Maybe you then get an eBay error that explains the issue.

Regards, Kristian

I just sent you the file to GarageSale support directly. Please have a look and let me know what you find. I don’t want to relist until I know that this won’t happen again. I did click on “Verify Listing” once again though, and GarageSale preflight was green with a check and showed “No problems found”.

Can you re-send it to me but zip it first? (right-click on the file in the Finder and select “compress”).

Regards, Kristian

Ok, will send it now!

Didn’t receive anything so far, unfortunately. If the file is larger than 10 MB please remove the images from the listing and export it again.

Regards, Kristian

The file was 16MB. I took out all but 3 images so it’s now 6MB. Have sent it again. :slight_smile:

Hi Kristian,

Still waiting for a reply…

I am sorry, I’ve never received a mail or message.
Did you send it to the GarageSale support or did you send me a direct message through this forum?

Maybe first sent a mail to the GarageSale support without any attachments to see if it goes through.

Regards, Kristian

I sent it by replying to your email you sent me to my personal email. Your email is

Please send it to the GarageSale support email address:

Well that explains it. Sent it to correct address now. Sorry about that!

Hi Trinket,

I would check this first :

  • Make sure that you didn’t miss paying eBay’s fees / invoice. Login to eBay and check.

  • Make sure that the date and hour on your computer are correct. Try to access some https:// pages with a web browser and see if they display correctly. (There might be a bad certificate error du to wrong hour.)

  • Check if there are some missing field mentioned in GarageSale by a “red bubble”.

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