Relist using Smart Groups not deleting old listings


I’m not sure if I’m using the feature correctly but I found all my ended listings using a Smart Folder, then used that to select them and start new listings. I selected the option for the old listings to be moved to the trash, however the new listings are being copied and started, but the old listings are not being moved to the trash folder afterwards?

Not a major issue as I can then delete the old listings using the smart folder afterwards but I wondered why they were not being moved to the trash fold in the fist place?

Many thanks

Hi @mikeytttt , which version are you using? Are you sure you enabled both option in launch control bottom left corner? Relisting selecting expired listings into a smart folder works perfectly with me…

Many thanks for that tip - I was not aware I also needed to select the option for moving to trash in the Launch Control Window as well. I wrongly assumed that selecting the option at the beginning was the only time it was necessary! Works OK now.

Many thanks

You are welcome Michael! I wish you a happy new year.


Because the Smart Group only contains a link to the original listing. When you have the move option enabled, the original listings gets moved from its original parent folder to the trash, but the link in the smart group stays there.

Hope this helps.

Uhm @ilja , if the expired ones are moved to the trash, the number inside the smart folder decrease immediately and so they do not stay there… at least I always saw and experienced this…

You are probably right. :wink:

Maybe the resisted listing also matches the criteria for the specified smart group? So the original listings get moved to the trash, and disappears from the smart group, but the re-listed one gets added to the smart group, so it isn’t immediately obvious to the user. :thinking:

Uhm probably the time prevent me to link a bunch of neurons, so apologize if I say something wrong… little summary. I suppose that @mikeytttt problem was due to the fact he didn’t select the move options also in the launch control, in fact it seems he solved his trouble as stated here

So I don’t think it is

Concerning this last question, relisted listings never return into the smart group after they are relisted and original moved to trash. This is because a relisted one cannot match a smart folder criteria. Tell me @ilja if I am wrong… I just wanted to say that I never experienced issues like the one you explained and no one told about it in the forum, except forgetting to set the “move” option in launch control…
Apologize again @ilja if I misunderstood something …

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