Remove the Hidden Code in Listings

You will remove the hidden html you’ve been placing in listings or will be getting complaints filed against with government agencies for violating your user’s privacy and tracking their listings.

You are are inserting code such as this in listings in order to track listings. Now even go to the extend of placing links back to listings on your site. Anyone search for a term like “gsrx_vers_859” can also use this to track the different persons using a particular version of the product.

 _gsrx_vers_859 (GS 7.0.21 (859))
 _gsrx_vers_1480 (GS 9.1.1 (1480))

You have failed to inform users that their listings will be tracked on eBay.

Further more, you’ve intentionally deceived users by stating that the GarageSale footer could be removed with a paid version of the product for those not wanting their listings identified with GarageSale. You continued to insert hidden html in the listings description in violation of the user’s wishes not to be identified with GarageSale.

Your credibility is now zero.

You have crossed the threshold of what we are willing to accept on our forum.

You bought this topic up several times in the past, and we don’t agree on any of these points.

Nobody forces you to use our software. If you don’t like it, please look somewhere else for an alternative.