Renaming items and groups in GS by pressing enter doesn't work consistently

Selecting an item or group, hitting enter, then entering the new name works - sometimes. Especially after duplicating items, then hitting enter just gives off the OSX system sound for “sorry, that’s not allowed right now”. Makes mass renaming of items a real problem and inhibits my workflow.

The problem is totally reproducible on all my machines and annoys THE HELL OUT OF ME.

This problem has been around as long as i’ve been a Garagesale user and i cannot believe how this bug has escaped the developers until now!

Great shortcut. I never knew I could do that. I was always trying to double click the line to rename it. Sometimes it takes many multiple tries but hitting enter works every time and the first time. Thanks for mentioning this shortcut.

It’s actually a basic usability design aspect that should be adhered to in all software that has a GUI with relevant elements on OS X. Having it malfunctioning like in GS is quite embarrassing, being such a basic and important feature.

There’s another way to highlight/edit an item title in the left outline view by first selecting the item and then (after one second or so) perform a short click on the title.

I was not able to reproduce the issue so far after duplicating a listing using the Duplicate button in the toolbar. What is your workflow/how do you duplicate listings?

Regards, Kristian

Thank you, i’m aware of both methods since they are basic UI level interactions that an average user can reasonably expect to work.
Doing it by pointing and clicking is really tedious and slows down my workflow to the extent where i consider terminating my GS license and just using ebays website instead, i hope you can relate to that.
I will try to do a screen recording later to show you how/when this happens. This bug has been around since at least GS5.

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