Reports no longer works fine

since some month I gradually gave up using GS’s reports since they do not work well at all. This is a huge pity from my personal point of view since it is one of the main feature of this app, especially thanks to the possibility of customizing reports (like different reports for SKU). I am not talking about speed, I can wait while it works, but the real problem is that all data are completely wrong. For example, eBay fees are almost a half of the real value given by eBay invoice, Paypal fees never correspond with the real amount (I made a report on Paypal site and manually added one by one, the amount is higher than what GS report says). I suppose that in reports some transaction are missing… I would like to use GS built-in reports because it would save much time, but I do not understand if this problem is only mine or if it is a real bug. I hope you could give me some ideas because every month, after eBay releases invoice, I have the same problem and I have to manually calculate everything… which requires much time, and patience…

Thank you

Hi Federico,

we know of some issues with the fees (eBay and PayPal) but the problem is that we can not do much about it.

In general, the eBay fees should be correct, but there are two issues: missing Tax/VAT (we can not get whether it is or is not included through the API) and eBay promotions and special fee offers. The later we simply do not get through the API.

PayPal fees ingeneral are correct, too. But there are some issues with multi-item-transactions. There is simply no way of knowing what amount the fee was for a specific paid item.

In GarageSale, we do not calculate any fees. All fees are downloaded through the APIs. And the amount of effort it would cost to implement and maintain such a calculation for all eBay and PayPal sites with their ever changing, different fees would be way beyond what we can accomplish.


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