Return Policy error on Jewelry

I thought it might be because I had specified 14 day returns. Now changed to 30 day, and still getting an error. I changed both the side panel and the return attribute.


This post may help you.




Thanks David

I don’t know why, but I don’t have access to thst content… I’m using my phone - I’ll try later on my computer…

On some eBay site the “Return Policy Details” field is no longer supported so it might help to clear that field. You might want to try it with one single listing first.

Regards, Kristian

Change “shipping will be paid by” ‘seller’ instead of ‘buyer’. That has helped me on a few listings.
Just another way eBay favors buyers over sellers.

In my opinion it is only to due with the central dot • possible that ebay does not allow that?

That’s true, but come on, I hope the warning has not to do with this matter :sweat_smile: moreover you will have issues if the buyer want to send back the item, then you really have to pay if you write seller…

P.S. Which sites do not support any more the details field?


That’s not going to happen… But thanks for the reply…

? You mean in the side panel? It’s fine on other listing… Oh, do you mean in the instructions (which aren’t supposed to be there, anyway?) :slight_smile:

I mean the central dot you entered in return description, just after “shipping”. Not sure this is the matter, but in the past I had similar issues with special types like the • in other fields like this one. But if you have already other working listings with the same description, then… wait a bit and then try again, maybe that’s only a temporal ebay issue (one of many…!!!).

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