Return policy invalid if using policies

Hello everyone. any ideas on this… ive treid everything… deleting polcies etc…

still showing.

al the best
Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 12.18.42

i have read on here you offer international returns it solves it… but i dont offer that… not sure what to do

Do you have “shipping profile, Returns profile, and Payment profile” set? This error is shown if ALL 3 are not set. I don’t offer returns on international and have no problems

hiya! yep all 3 are set… Are you in the UK at all?

all the best

No, USA. Have you Refreshed your token? Clicked the “Update Profiles” from the dropdown?

Yep & yep… so confused…

Your selected return profile probably uses out-dated settings.

• Create a new return profile on the eBay website
• In GarageSale select “Update profiles” from the return profile menu.
• Select the newly created return profile.

More about profiles:

Regards, Kristian

Hiya! yes i acutally ended all my listings. ready to restock… so i sorted my policies out… so all brand new…

Done update profiles…

All the best

There is always the Microsoft solution from my short-lived experience on the"dark side". Shut down and restart the computer. Worth a try :wink:

hahaha. i had the same thought 30 mins ago… no luck :frowning:

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