Revising 30 day to Good Til Canceled Not working Store Items

I just purchased the GS Image $29.99 for the year to be able to use Good Til Canceled, I have an anchor store, I got an error message from when I tried to revise saying that it failed. These listings are not ending in 12 hours, but are in a store. My anchor store subscription does not limit me to 30 day listing, I can list good til canceled, is there a problem with this on GS? There was no mention of this when I paid If I can’t use the good til canceled then I would like a refund of my $29.99. I just paid less than 30 minutes ago.

Don’t think Ebay lets you do that. The listing has to be ended and relisted.

In most cases, you can’t change the listing duration or format. For example, you can’t change a fixed price listing to an auction listing

So I have to wait til the listing end their 30 days and then relist them with the good til cancel…you can’t revise an existing listing. Is that correct?

Yes, you can’t switch from 30-days to GTC, you have to expire and then relist. This is an ebay rule…

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