Revising Auction with Bid--Incorrect Error Message

I have a pending auction with bids and 7 days left. I should be able to revise to add photos as I only have 8 in my listing. When I use revise selected properties and choose photos, I get an error message that I can’t revise the return policy. I’m not trying to revise the return policy. I’m getting two error message when trying to revise via eBay (the first is the return policy/the second tells me I have too many photos); I’ve spoken to an eBay rep, and she doesn’t know why I’m getting these errors and says that yes, I should be able to make this revision. Unfortunately, the only solution they currently have is to end and relist–I don’t want to do that as bids have been placed. I’m waiting on their tech support to reply. My garage sale is up to date. Is there some way to fix this error? (Also, if I’m on eBay, I can add “additional item details” on an auction with bids, I don’t see anywhere on Garage Sale to do that–though currently that feature on eBay for this listing doesn’t work due to these weird error messages.) Thanks for any advice.

If your auction already has bids you no longer can “revise” it due to eBay rules.

However, you actually can add additional information below the item description but that’s something that can only be done through the eBay website. (not from within GarageSale since it’s not suported by the eBay API as far as I can tell).

Regards, Kristian

Hi, Kristan, you can add images–that’s permitted by eBay. For some reason neither GarageSale nor eBay will allow me to do so: eBay gives me the warning I have too many photos (even though I only have 8), and Garage Sale tells me I can’t revise the return policy (even though I’m not attempting to do so). eBay rep doesn’t know why I’m getting these errors as she agreed that I’m trying to do things that I am allowed to do. I don’t understand why Garage Sale tells me I can’t change the return policy when I’m using the revise specific category feature and only have images selected.

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