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I am trying to understand the User Properties and how to create a saved profile. I am not sure if this function is not operating in the way I expect or its function is something completely different.

I am using the “Horizon” Listing design, I go under the right Inspector side bar, Properties and make my own edits under Design Properties. Once I have it the way I want (since I want to use this style on all of my listings) I click “+” under User Properties to create a new profile.

My thinking is after I create a User Property I should have this user property available to any listing I wish to apply this listing to. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, its not available to any other listing, I can create 5 user properties on the same listing and I don’t see any change between them.

I really don’t know what the “User Properties” is for and can’t find any documentation for either.

If anyone can help I would much appreciate it. Thank You

Hi @cobby10 ,
I think you misunderstood the meaning of “User Properties”. If I correctly got what you want to do, after creating your own setting under Properties in right Inspector side bar for one listing, open preferences ( cmd + ; ), go to ebay >new listing>drop the listing you have just modified into the field in the bottom. This way, any time you press “+” in order to create a new listing (left side of top bar), the new one will have the same properties.
Otherwise you can do the same keeping a sort of “model-template” and check “double” option each time you start a listing (bottom left corner of launch control). This way, any time you create a listing from that “template”, GS will automatically double the listing: the inactive one stays as template for further listings, the active one has the same design properties of the template.
Otherwise again, if what you want to do is bulk changing the design properties, after creating one listing with correct settings, right click over it and click “copy listing component”. Then select all listing you want to modify, right click and “paste listings components”. This way you will automatically modify the listing components you choose.
You can also bulk select listings you want to modify and bulk edit properties by changing each setting while all listings are selected.
I hope this might help you.

Have a nice evening

Forgot to say, that’s a totally different option. If you check under help>garagesale help in top menu bar you will find everything clearly explained

User Properties

Underneath the Design Properties you can define so-called User Properties.

They are especially helpful if you are selling almost similar items which only differ in a few aspects, e.g. T-Shirts with different colors, you can now use the very same description in all your listings. Instead of inserting/editing different color names in possibly several locations of your item description, you include your own Color user property in your description once and then set the value for Color in the User properties for each desired listing individually.


Once created these properties can be included in the item description with GarageSale’s [design language](file:///Applications/GarageSale%202.app/Contents/Resources/GarageSaleManual.help/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Miscellaneous-Creating_Own_Listing_Designs.html#design-template-language), like this:


Press the control and option (alt) keys on your keyboard to see how the resolved user properties would look like when posted to eBay.

ctrl-alt keys

Hi Federico

How then do I create a ‘Shipping Profile’ in GS?

Do I have to delete/create them in Ebay?


Hello David,
yes, you have to manage them only in eBay. Go to account settings (top left corner icon)>move mouse over “account” (don’t click)>in the scrolling window choose “business policies”. Attention: if you do it for the first time, ebay won’t let you delete the policies if they are in use for some active listings. In this situation, my advice is to filter listings in GS with the new feature Ilja recently added: https://help.iwascoding.com/t/profiles-and-smart-folder/5132 . This way you can bulk edit the used shipping policy and then delete the unused ones in eBay. Otherwise you can modify them in eBay instead of deleting and all listings will automatically update. Then you can bulk change the policies in GS (at least I guess you should change the titles eBay automatically gives to polices, they make no sense and many times are double or more).
Hope this help.

Have a nice day

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