Running listing is "missing account information"

In the process of stopping some GTC listings to re-list as auction items, I have stumbled across one listing that apparently cannot be revised or stopped.

When I try to revise it, the error message states “Missing account token \n GerageSale cannot process listing because there’s no account token.”

When I try to stop it, “Missing account information” &c &c

The interesting question for me is where in a listing account-specific token information might have become corrupted and/or malformed. This is a GTC listing, so it was almost certainly re-launched by eBay.

Any thoughts? I could stop it (I hope) on eBay itself. But… it’s a mystery even then.

I was able to end the item manually at eBay, but the interesting thing now is that the GS listing doesn’t appear to be updating with the new state. Very odd.

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