Sales Tax? beginner question... thank you

I am new to garagesale and selling on eBay. I live in one of the many states in USA where eBay collects tax. Since collecting sales tax is automatic and mandatory for eBay, do I choose:

Sales Tax: options >
a. Do not use Sales Tax
b. Use Tax Table
c. The state where I live

thanks in advance!

Ebay does it all for you. Whatever state you sell to, Ebay adds the percentage, collects it, and remits it to the states. Check with a tax pro on what to do in your own state, like do you need to declare what Bay collected on your behalf, etc. Pete

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thank you Pete!

Do I need to check any of the sales tax boxes within GarageSale?

I have my state and the percentage entered in the box. Ebay is smart enough to use the right tax tables but you need to enter your address

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I’m glad that eBay takes care of the Sales Tax.

Thank you

Makes it simpler and levels the playing field for all sellers

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The state sales tax in the state I live, Pa, the rules state that any sales tax underpaid at the time of transaction is owed by the collecting party and any overpaid taxes paid to the collecting party are payable to the state. So if taxes are under paid or overpaid eBay is not benefiting in either case but the state is the benefiting party assuming eBay is following sales tax rules in my state.

I’m sorry I commented above (to Wood). This is supposed to be a blog about Garage sale. Please send your complaints in to eBay and use this platform to improve Garage sale. Again, I am sorry I commented above (to Wood)

No worries it’s good to get a variety of info. My initial question had to do with the unclear choices within GS given that eBay seems to ignore the options anyway. This appears to be an area that could be cleaned up within GS.

My opinion is that it’s good that eBay is collecting and filing. And if I have to do it, or an employee, it would cost me, so I don’t expect it to be free.

Thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated.

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