Sales Tax Does Not Work - GarageSale 7 Beta 43 (763)

When listing using GarageSale 7 (Beta 43), the Sales Tax code and rate within GarageSale listings do not transfer to the eBay listing. The eBay listing shows no sales tax code or rate. OS X El Capitan V10.11.5. This works fine in GarageSale 6.

Hi wzindler,

So far we were not able to reproduce the issue here with GarageSale 7. Can you confirm that you’re referring to the “sales tax” - not the (German) VAT?
What could us help diagnose the problem is seeing the XML communication between GarageSale and eBay. I already sent you instructions via support mail.

Regards, Kristian

Use an old auction that was made before version 7 as a temple by duplicating the old auction which had the sales tax already activated, then replace the pictures and in item description to the new auction you want to create.

Thank you gardengoddess1 for your response. Previously converted 15,000+ GS6 templates to GS7 listings and none transferred the Sales Tax to eBay when listing from GS7. Also, tried setting up a new listing within GS7 (i.e. not converted from GS6) and listing it. Still no Sales Tax in the eBay listing. Will be sending XML communication between GarageSale and eBay to GarageSale support for analyzing.

Thanks for sending in your logs. In the next beta, we’ll provide an opt-in feature that will transfer all log files automatically to us, until you turn that feature back off again.

SOLUTION: Even though in GS7 you have set the Sales Tax Field, it will not transfer to eBay unless you have the eBay 'USE SALES TAX TABLES parameter set to “Y” and the corresponding sales tax code within the table set up. Issue resolved.

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Thanks for the information. Let’s see if it is possible to download the “use sales tax table” setting from eBay and display a warning if not set while have having the sales tax field filled in GarageSale.