Saved text paragraphs

What happened to the text paragraphs that I saved in the old version of GarageSale? I can’t find them in 7, and I can’t find how to enter new ones either.

I’m not sure about the importing issue, but I can explain how to find where to create new ones.

  1. Easiest way is through the Window menu → Show Text Snippets. Then click the “+” at the bottom left of the window/panel that opens up.

  2. You can also access it inside a listing in Editor Mode–the pencil icon at the top of the window:

At the very bottom of the Editor Mode window, underneath the description-text box and towards the left, you’ll see this icon:

Click on it to bring up the “Edit Text Snippets…” option and select it. It’ll bring up the same window/panel that the first method displayed.