Scheduler not launching at correct intervals

Just used GarageSale 7 for first time. Only problem was with scheduled auctions. I scheduled them for every five minutes. Instead, they launched three at a time every fifteen minutes. This means that I have groups of three auctions ending at the same time. I need the 5 minute interval so customers don’t miss one auction while bidding on another.

That’s odd. The interval function should work as expected. Maybe the upload process took longer than expected. How many listings did you schedule in the event? Did they contain many large images?

Regards, Kristian

The event contained only 18 listings. Some had as many as 10 pictures, others as few as 2. I was watching since it was the first time I used the upgrade. I’ll try again this Sunday, I schedule only once a week, and see what happens.
Thanks, Cathy

Second week using the upgrade to Garagesale 7. Schedule intervals still not working properly. Some listings uploaded fine and some launched three at once. Example, listings scheduled for 9:30 pm, 9:35 pm and 9:40 pm all launched at 9:43 pm. Scheduler said “launching 3 items”. This happened twice in a group of only 18 listings. They were scheduled at 5 minute intervals. Any idea how I can avoid this issue?

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