Scrolling mouse changes the price

Is there some way to keep the price field from accidentally being changed by the scroll feature on a mouse? If you are not careful and attentive to what is being changed on the screen the price ends up wildly off or way down at $0.00. It is very sensitive and impossible to stop where you want the price.

Never heard of this issue.

What kind of mouse are you using?

Is this an issue with the price fields in preview mode (as shown on the screenshot)?11

Yes it is an issue in the preview mode.

Lets say I enter the price $81.90 as in my screen shot I have added. Using my Apple Magic mouse, supplied with my computer, if I forget to click off the price box after entering the price and scroll down the price starts spinning up or down which ever direction I scroll the mouse.


this is a feature of the small stepper in the right corner of the field (and not a bug). Maybe someone else has an opinion whether we should remove them or is it useful?


My vote would be remove the scroll feature. With the setting I have set on the mouse for max speed, there is no possible way to stop the price even close to what you would want it to be.

The lot size box does not move with the scroll wheel

I think, I already found a way to remove the scrolling feature from the price input fields.
It should be easy to implement, maybe already in one of the next updates.

Regards, Kristian


Never understood if it was a bug or a feature, my vote is for removing!

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